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FontCreator 14.0 • High-Logic

Released 23rd June 2021 • Updated 6th January 2023

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FontCreator 14.0 adds support for variable fonts and updates the interface to use docking panels. Three pre-defined themes have also been added.

The Comparison Toolbar has been replaced by a Text Editing Mode in the Glyph Panel, which allows users to type any text before or after the glyph.

Free help is available on the support forum, even for the unregistered 30-day trial version. The Help File will be available online, so that anyone can see the features before downloading the free trial version. The trial version is the full Professional Edition, but use is limited to thirty days. Existing users may like to see which feature requests have been implemented already.

FontCreator continues to improve with updates to fix bugs, add new features, and improve existing features. Some bugs are fixed without hours.

See the list of new features below, added since FontCreator 13.0.


Version 14.0


Version 13.0

Version 12.0

Earlier Versions

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Project Files

Important Note: FontCreator 14 projects are not backwardly compatible. Edit copies of your font projects and keep the originals as backups.

To avoid overwriting a previous version, install FontCreator 14.0 into a different folder with command: WinKey + R:

"%UserProfile%\Downloads\FontCreatorSetup-x64.exe" /DIR="C:\Program Files\High-Logic FontCreator 14"


Changes Since Initial Release

Changes in Initial Release


FontCreator continues to improve by adding full support for variable fonts. The new interface with docking or floating panels increases the amount of workspace on small screens, while allowing those with more than one monitor to extend their workspace beyond the primary monitor.

FontCreator 13.0

New Features Since Initial Release

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Changes in Initial Release

Version 12.0

Earlier Versions

11.5 Feb 201811.0 May 201710.1 Nov 20169.1 Feb 20169.0 Jun 20158.0 Jun 2014

7.5 Aug 20137.01 Jun 20136.5 Nov 20116.0 Jun 20095.6 Jul 20075.5 May 2006

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Page last updated on 19 January 2023