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Jarte Plus 6.2

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Released April 5th 2018

What’s New?

I discovered this free word-processor when looking for a way to change the default font in Wordpad for editing plain text files (actually an XML file). I often used Wordpad for basic word-processing tasks. Notepad allows one to change the default font, but Wordpad doesn't.

The main toolbar takes up more space than necessary. The panels are opened only when you need them for formatting etc., leaving most of the space free for documents. The illustrations of the full Classic layout below shows the new toolbar with Jarte resized as narrow as it will go (664 pixels).

The height of the window can be reduced to leave just the title bar.

Jarte 5.1 Full Interface

Jarte is a useful word-processor for small projects such as articles and reviews. Use it for anything that is not intended for print, and so doesn’t need extensive formatting. Save files in Rich Text Format and import those into PagePlus or LibreOffice if more extensive formatting is required later. The interface is different to most other word-processors, but is very easy to learn and use.

My suggestion for a more compact interface has been implemented (illustrated above), and there is a Minimal Layout mode too, with no toolbars — just menus. In this mode, the window can be resized horizontally as well as vertically so that you can have it in a tall narrow window, or a small note.

The new interface is very welcome, though most other changes are unnecessary. If I need tables or maths formulae I will use Open Office. Jarte is still an excellent choice if all you need to do is process text. It loads much faster than Open Office or Word, but it has all of the essential features for creating formatted text.

Top Features Not Found in Wordpad

• Multiple Document Interface (MDI) • Spell Check • Word count • Go to line number • Styles

• Zoom and Default Zoom • Bookmarks • Full justification of text • Switch Case • Sort Text

• Remember Workspace • Space after paragraphs • Format painter • Text Highlighter

• Switch Case • Numbered lists • Superscripts and Subscripts • Screen capture

• Clipboard manager • Middle mouse button paste • Select whole words • Insert Date/Time

• Paper colours • Install to USB Drive • Open DocX files • Typing Sounds • Always on Top

• Favourite files and folders • Bookmarks • Find and Replace in All Open Documents

• Install to USB Drive • Thesaurus (Wordweb) • Encyclopedia (Wikipedia) • Disable Typeover mode

 A Few Minor Problems

Character map is a bit limited. I use Babelmap instead, which supports Unicode characters. Adding better Unicode support to Jarte would be a bonus for me.

There is no icon for saving the document on the main toolbar, although the status line changes indicator has a save icon, so it takes two clicks to save a document if the file panel is closed and the status line is off. This is not a problem if you’re used to using Control S.

Jarte Status Line

Why Do I Like It?

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